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Automated Sample Preparation, Cell Culture
Voyager electronic pipettor
Voyager electronic pipettors from INTEGRA incorporates a small motor that moves the center-to-center tip spacing quickly and smoothly.
Available with six, eight, or twelve channels, Voyager electronic pipettors from INTEGRA incorporates a small motor that moves the center-to-center tip spacing quickly and smoothly at any point in a protocol with one hand. Users can preset up to three distinct tip spacings to accommodate almost any labware vessels. Voyager Tip spacing is adjustable from 4.5 mm to 19.5 mm. Voyager pipettors have an easy-to-use Touch Wheel controller from Viaflo pipettors, with intuitive programming and a full-color display. Eight Voyager models are now available in volume ranges from 0.5 L to 1250 L. This product allows users to easy work between 24, 48, 96, 384 cell culture and assay plates, tube racks, sample storage gel electrophoresis boxes, and many additional labware formats.
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Since the foundation of the company in 1965, INTEGRA Biosciences has consistently focused on its core competences in Microbiology and Cell Biology. Continuous investment in future developments has brought a strong pipeline of groundbreaking products to laboratories worldwide. In 1999 the manufacturing company of the well known PIPETBOY and FIREBOY product ranges was integrated into the INTEGRA Biosciences group. The following acquisition of an Engineering company in 2002 announced a new era of growth and innovation. This started with the successful consolidation of all activities – R&D, Manufacturing and S&M - into the newly expanded building in Chur , Switzerland.

INTEGRA Biosciences new dynamic spirit is reflected in the responsiveness to customer demands. The close collaboration between marketing specialists, staff scientists, manufacturing and design engineers results in the ability to translate customer needs quickly into reliable and easy-to-use Laboratory tools.

With more than 100’000 PIPETBOYs - worldwide - in the hands of laboratory professionals, the name INTEGRA Biosciences and its reputation for quality and reliability have become synonymous. All other INTEGRA products including FIREBOY, VACUSAFE, CELLINE, CELLROLL, CELLSPIN, DOSE IT, MEDIACLAVE and MEDIAJET enhance this reputation – often they are benchmarks other products are judged on.

Today INTEGRA’s Labtools for Microbiology and Cell Cultivation are widely used all around the world. More then 60 distribution-partners form a world-wide sales network providing responsive and competent services to customers. These distribution partners are supported by a highly motivated and experienced team of specialists at the new headquarter in Chur, Switzerland.