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RNA Isolation & Purification
WT-Ovation One Direct RNA amplification system
NuGEN Technologies’ WT-Ovation One Direct RNA amplification system enables whole transcriptome gene expression analysis from a single or a few cells. The system is platform independent, allowing researchers to use their preferred gene expression platform. It uses a three-step process to prepare samples from cell lysate for analysis using microarrays or qPCR. The system is designed to prepare a broad range of sample types including stem cells, circulating tumor cells, flow-sorted cells, laser-captured, micro-dissected, cancer stem cells, embryonic cells, and others that yield small quantities of RNA. The three-step process is lysing target cell, amplifying the whole transcriptome, and preparing for microarray analysis or analyzing with qPCR.
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NuGEN Technologies, Inc., based in San Carlos, CA, is focused on the development and commercialization of sensitive, rapid, and high-throughput amplification and sample preparation systems to enable the comprehensive analysis and discovery of biological mechanisms, cellular responses, and disease pathologies.