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XL Plan N25 X multiphoton microscope objective
The Olympus XL Plan N25 X objective has been designed for multiphoton microscopy, allowing for deep specimen imaging and maximum detection efficiency. The objective can be used for tissue samples with cover slips and investigations such as patch clamping, where the sample cannot be covered. The high resolution and increased brightness is available for all deep imaging applications compared to similar products on the market. The microscope objective has a working distance of 2 mm and a 35 degrees access angle available for patch clamping. In addition, the 27.5 field view aids researchers in obtaining more information from each multiphoton experiment. The correction collar makes up for refractive index mismatches, allowing axial and spatial resolution hundreds of microns into living brain samples. The new optical coatings allow the objective to provide performance in the IR range with transmittance of more than 82% from 400 to 1000 nm.
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