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ZDeck Quick Adjust Platform System
The Prior Scientific ZDeck Quick Adjust Platform System for Olympus BX51WI and BX61WI microscopes is desigend to allow the user to image multiple areas of interest with unsurpassed speed and precision.
The ZDeck lowers via the use of pneumatic pistons, providing access for loading and unloading of samples. No tools are required for height adjustment, simplifying the transition of changing between a thin sample and whole animal imaging heights. Condenser and pillar spacers are included with the system to allow for Koehler illumination at a wide range of focus heights. The system incorporates a custom Prior Scientific ProScan series high precision motorized stage which provides submicron repeatability and smooth movement. The high precision motorized stage is controlled by the new ProScan III controller and PS3J100 joystick which provide ultra-fine control via dual digipots. Oversized plates are provided on both sides of the sample area for mounting micromanipulators. The ProScan series stage can also be equipped with encoders for applications that require the ultimate in high precision. The ZDeck System is compatible with 6-mm or 1/4-20 vibration isolation tables.
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