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Cell/Tissue Culture, Protein Isolation & Purification
Zap-Hybridoma cell culture media
Zap-Hybridoma cell culture media supplement from Invitria improves hybridoma growth and promotes easier purification of the target protein products
According to the company, the media provided increased maximum cell density and increased monoclonal antibody yield compared to other leading hybridoma media. The supplement reduces or eliminates the time needed to adapt to serum-free media, makes purification easier because it is IgG-free, and gives consistent results. The supplement is cost effective because it can replace or reduce the use of FBS in many applications without a corresponding decrease in productivity. For best results, the company recommends a 10-mL vial of Zap-Hybridoma for use in 1 L of media.
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InVitria develops, manufactures and markets a portfolio of high performance and well defined cell culture products and reagents used in bioprocessing, biopharmaceutical formulation, stem cell & regenerative medicine, life science research and diagnostics.