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Molecular Biology
illustra ExoStar Kit for Enzymatic PCR and Sequencing Clean-up
GE Healthcare's illustra ExoStar kit is designed to provide a high-performance and cost-effective product for the enzymatic removal of unincorporated primers and nucleotides from PCR and sequencing reactions.
The kit enables efficient primer digestion with no degradation of target PCR products, allowing almost 100% yield of the desired PCR products. The PCR clean-up product contains two enzymes that have been expressly designed to work together, with one tube of exonuclease 1 at a concentration of 10U µl-1 and one tube of illustra alkaline phosphatase at a concentration of 1U µl-1. GE Healthcare patented the original enzymatic approach for PCR and sequencing clean-up reactions, with the new ExoStar now providing an advanced performance reformulation.
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