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Keystone Symposia: Antibodies as Drugs
Date: January 27, 2013
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Organized by Paul Carter of Genentech, Inc. and Andreas G. Plückthun of the University of Zürich, the will:

  • Convene with a keynote address by Jeffrey V. Ravetch of Rockefeller University, followed by four days of stimulating plenary sessions, workshops and poster sessions;
  • Consider new therapeutic opportunities for antibodies and engineered targeting molecules across a broad range of clinical settings including oncology, autoimmunity and chronic inflammation, infectious diseases and neurology;
  • Bring together protein engineers with scientist experts in signaling, cellular functions and target relevance for different disease areas to translate biomedical needs into molecular modes of action which are feasible from an engineering standpoint;
  • Encourage, in particular, students and junior scientists in the protein engineering and cell biology research community to investigate how to address disease mechanisms with novel molecular approaches.

The meeting will be held jointly with the conference on “Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy.” Registering for one meeting in a joint pair enables attendance at sessions of the other, pending space availability.