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Keystone Symposia: Cardiac Remodeling, Signaling, Matrix and Heart Function
Date: April 07, 2013
Location: Snowbird, Utah, USA

Organized by Antoino J. Vidal-Puig of the University of Cambridge, Antonio Moschetta of Consorzio Mario Negri Sud and Anastasia Kralli of The Scripps Research Institute, the four-day conference will:

  • Convene with a keynote address by Helen H. Hobbs of University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, followed by four days of stimulating plenary sessions, workshops and poster sessions;
  • Discuss recent advances and current challenges in elucidating the roles of NRs in physiological and patho-physiological pathways relevant to energy balance, obesity and metabolic disease in diverse organisms;
  • Fill an acute need in the scientific community by bringing together the best basic and clinical scientists to facilitate translation of basic knowledge, raise awareness among basic scientists of the potential medical implications of their work and discuss the current challenges faced by approaches aimed at reversing obesity and/or treating obesity-related metabolic diseases;
  • Provide a format for the training and mentoring of new investigators and pre- and post-doctoral students.