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Keystone Symposia: New Frontiers in Cardiovascular Genetics Beyond GWAS
Date: January 13, 2013
Location: Tahoe City, California, USA

Organized by Jennifer Hall of the University of Minnesota and Stephen S. Rich of the University of Virginia, the four-day conference will:

  • Convene with a keynote address by Eric D. Green of the National Human Genome Research Institute, NIH on the morning of Monday, January 14, followed by four days of informative plenary and poster sessions;
  • Bring together speakers and attendees from the top genetics and bioinformatics labs in the country with the top cardiovascular phenotyping laboratories, as well as industry and pharma;
  • Aim to identify new genes, pathways and biomarkers that contribute to cardiovascular disease, with the ultimate goal of providing new targets for drug development, diagnostic tests and new imaging modalities;
  • Allow for ample free time in a scenic mountain setting to encourage new collaboration-building.