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Keystone Symposia: Positive RNA Strand Viruses
Date: April 28, 2013
Location: Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Organized by Eric J. Snijder of Leiden University Medical Center and Ralf Bartenschlager of the University of Heidelberg, the four-day conference will:

  • Convene with a keynote address by Herbert (Skip) W. Virgin IV of Washington University School of Medicine, followed by four days of stimulating plenary sessions, workshops and poster sessions;
  • Cover both basic and applied research and provide an unparalleled platform to discuss the unique and common features of human, animal, plant, insect, and bacterial viruses with positive-strand RNA genomes;
  • Bring together experienced and junior researchers to discuss the latest developments in the areas of the molecular biology, pathogenesis, evolution and epidemiology of positive-stranded RNA viruses, aiming to translate these findings into novel approaches to diagnose and control infections by these agents.