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The Cell Landscape: From Genotype to Phenotype
Date: October 24, 2012
Location: Virtual Event

NEW DATE: Wednesday, October 24, 2012 - 8:00 AM EDT - 5:30 PM EDT

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In recent years, new methods and techniques aimed at deciphering the inner workings of cells have provided unique insights, and changed the way we think about, as well as approach, modern cell biology research. With these advances in mind, the 2012 BioTechniques Virtual Symposium will focus directly on the latest approaches being used to characterize cell function and phenotype. From the genetic mechanisms controlling basic cellular processes to understanding how protein production and interactions shape cell structure and function – this one-day symposium will highlight techniques for teasing apart the genetic, proteomic, and metabolite landscapes of the cell.

The symposium features:

  • A new bonus track on Next-gen Sequencing
  • A special workshop on The ENCODE project: Defining the Genome
  • Sessions on the latest advances in cell sorting, genomics, proteomics, and cell analysis
  • Networking opportunities with speakers, attendees, and sponsors
  • Live Q&A sessions with all presenters
  • Virtual exhibit hall, poster hall, and job listings

Session 1: Starting Materials: Novel Approaches to Cell Sorting and Isolation

Examines the latest methods and techniques used to isolate cells from heterogenous samples and mixtures for downstream characterization.

Session Topics: microfluidic, flow cytometry, and laser capture microdissection; the latest approaches to cell sorting and isolation; and downstream cell analysis applications

Session Technologies: exome sequencing; whole genome amplification; next-generation sequencing; single-cell sequencing/genetic analysis; microfluidics

Session 2: Our Cellular Blueprint: Examining the Impact of Nucleic Acids on Cell Phenotype

Examines the latest tools used to analyze cellular genomics.

Session Topics: influence of DNA and RNA on cell phenotype; genetic variation in the human population; understanding RNA localization and regulation; and the impact of genomes, and their regulation, on cell function

Session Technologies: multiphoton microscopy; RNA localization; RNA labeling; single-molecule microscopy; optogenetics

Session 3: Movers and Shakers: Understanding the Role of Protein Localization and Function in Cell Biology

Expanding our knowledge of protein dynamics and regulation within the cell will have a profound impact on our understanding of human biology as well as disease development and progression.

Session Topics: the relationship between protein expression and cell phenotype and the latest tools being used to study proteomics in small sets of cells or single cells

Session Technologies: affinity chromatography; capillary electrophoresis; tagged proteins; antibody-capture chips; TIRF microscopy; single cell measurements

Session 4: Frontiers in Cell Analysis: Making Use of Lessons and Insights from the Lab

Examines the impact that the novel cell analysis techniques presented during the first three sessions are having on our understanding of biology in various fields.

Session Topics: understanding the cellular metabolome; exploring the human microbiome; and understanding in vivo stem cell biology through molecular imaging

Session Technologies: mass spectrometry; LC/MS; mass spectra databases; metabolomics; ionization methods; MS imaging

New Workshop Just Added...The ENCODE Project: Defining the Genome

Recently, the Encyclopedia of DNA Elements (ENCODE) consortium published a series of articles detailing the mapping and analysis of more than 4 million regulatory regions in the human genome.

Speakers in this session will provide insights into this massive, multi-lab effort, examining both the technology developments that have enabled ENCODE as well as how the results from the project are shaping our understanding of the human genome.

FREE Registration and FREE iPad GiveawayAll registrants will be entered into a drawing for an iPad on the day of the event.

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