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Molecular Biology
GE Healthcare Biotin CAPture Kit
The GE Healthcare Biotin CAPture Kit captures biomolecules to a sensor chip surface for subsequent analysis by Biacore systems. The kit can analyze unstable molecules and molecules for which no regeneration protocol can be established. It uses a standardized protocol for regeneration, and allows ligands to be changed between experiments without changing the sensor chip. The kit’s sensor chip is built on a carboxymethylated dextran matrix to which a ss-DNA molecule is pre-immobilized, which allows for reversible capture of biotinylated molecules and generic regeneration. The kit is available in two versions, Biotin CAPture Kit and Biotin CAPture Kit Series S, one for each sensor chip format used in Biacore systems. The kit is compatible with most samples and analytes, and the majority of applications and analyses, performed using Biacore systems. The new Biacore X100 2.0, due to be launched in September, includes a built-in pre-programmed workflow to support the kit.
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