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Connect to a Global Audience of Life Scientists Via Email or Post

The BioTechniques International subscriber database has over 90,000 names in the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia. Targeting these responsive names in the life science market just got better. E-mail marketing has now been enhanced with a lead generation program that enables you to re-mail to just those scientists who opened your original message. Now that's targeted marketing.

Segment by job title, function, type of business and over 40 lab techniques.

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New Lists Available:

BioTechniques' Small Life Sciences Company File

  • 8,872 e-mail contacts
  • 14,545 postal contacts

BioTechniques' Asia-Pacific Subscriber File

  • 10,100 e-mail contacts

Combine your e-mail campaign with a postal mailing. Discounts available on combination campaigns.

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