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BioTechniques Wins FOLIO Silver Eddie Award

BioTechniques wins FOLIO magazine's 2008 Silver Eddie Award for Best Single Article - Science Category.

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  • BioTechniques is considered by life scientists to be the top publication to turn to for product information - ranked #1 out of 16 publications including Nature BioTechnology, The Scientist, and Science journals.
  • One-fourth of the time life scientists spend reading print publications is devoted to obtaining product information.
  • Readers who want to know more about a product go directly to the vendor's website after viewing an ad.

The above information is from BioInformatics 2008 report: "Advertising to Life Scientists: Resolving the Print vs. Online Dilemma".

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BioTechniques maintains the highest standard of editorial excellence. All manuscripts must pass a rigorous peer-review process, of which, less than 20% will be accepted for final publication.


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