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2014 Lab Grammy Award: And the Nominees Are...


Who do you think should win for our fourth annual science parody of the year award? Watch the nominees and vote now!

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2014 Lab Grammys


Welcome to the 2014 Lab Grammy award, which promises to be the year's biggest event in science music. Our nominees this year truly reflect the highs and lows of life in the lab and showcase the hidden musical, lyrical, and dance talents of these hard working research scientists.  

Last year, Nathaniel Krefman won the top award with his song, “Some Budding Yeast I Used to Grow,” a parody of Goyte’s single, “Somebody that I Used to Know.” This year, Krefman has the potential to take the award again with his rap parody, "Lab God." But he will be up against some fierce contenders from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, King's College, Boston University, and others. As in the past, Lady Gaga seems to be popular among the lab music crowd. Her song, "Applause," was parodied not once, but twice this year.  
Who will take the coveted Lab Grammy award in 2014? Only your votes will tell. The winner will be determined by our online poll. Voting will close at 12pm ET on Wednesday, February 5, 2014 and the winner will be announced in our February 7 daily newsletter. To subscribe for free, sign up here.  

And the nominees for SCIENCE PARODY OF THE YEAR are...

Mary Anne Kidwell and Ross Wilson
University of California, Berkeley

Party in the LAB
Michalia Root
Boston University

Eight Days a Week
Wendy Ingram
University of California, Berkeley

Don't Stop Pipetting
Danilo Macalinao
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

The Tale of a Post Doc
James Clarke
King's College, London

David Lloyd, Emily Hicks, Iain George
iGEM Calgary

Lab God
Nathaniel Krefman
University of California, Berkeley

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