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Kristie Nybo, Ph.D.

Does anyone know of a reliable alternative to a cytocentrifuge?

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Q: I am working on a proposal to assay genotoxicity in occupationally exposed individuals. I'm using the Cytochalasin Block Micronuclei Assay (CBMN) to look for a biomarker of genotoxicity/cytotoxicity. The method entails isolating lymphocytes from peripheral blood by centrifugation in RPMI 1640, culturing lymphocytes in medium, blocking cell proliferation after 44hrs of culture using cytochalasin B, harvesting the cells, and scoring with a fluorescence microscope.

Cyto-Tek® Cytocentrifuge Source: Cardinal Health

The protocol I'm using requires a cytocentrifuge. This is not available in my laboratory and we do not have a budget that allows us to acquire one. Does anyone know of a reliable alternative to a cytocentrifuge?

A: I assume you are referring to a cyto-spin centrifuge for spinning cells onto slides. If the centrifuge you have can take buckets for 96-well plates…

A: You could try poly-lysine treating some slides and allowing the cells to attach, but when working with lymphocytes in the blood population, some will...

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