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DNA Dialysis Questions

BioTechniques staff

I know my target DNA concentration, but dialysis can lead to dilution and sample loss. How much higher should my starting concentration be?

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A forum member has some questions about using dialysis for ion exchange. Source: Wikipedia

Q: I would like exchange ions in my DNA using Slide-A-Lyzer mini pots for the dialysis. First, does anyone have some literature hints?

Secondly, I know dialysis can lead to dilution and sample loss, so how much higher should my starting concentrationbe ?

And finally, how can I calculate the optimum time for dialysis, the right temperature, please?

A: If you are not near the size cutoff, there shouldn't be much loss, except the bit of volume stuck in...

A: For reference information on dialysis (for protein research), you can go to this website...

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