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How to Map a Plasmid by Agarose Gel Bands

BioTechniques Staff

Does my insert have an internal EcoR1 or Sal1 site?

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Q: I have a miniprep pGEX-6P-3 plasmid with a 0.75 kb insert. The insert was cloned into the vector with EcoR1 and Sal1 restriction endonucleases. When I run miniprep DNA from this clone and cut it with either only EcoR1 or Sal1, expecting one band at 5650 bp (pGEX is 4900 bp long), I come out with a band at 1500 bp as well (double the length of the insert). When I do a double digest, I get a band at 4900 bp as well as a band at 750 bp that is brighter than expected. Does this mean my insert has an internal EcoR1 or Sal1 site? Or both?

A: It seems to me that your first instinct was right on...

A: I have some "plasmid troubles" as well. Although mine is not exactly the same, I didn't want to start new topic and hope I can get an answer here...

A: Do you actually have a 600 bp band, or you have a problem telling you that a 600 bp band is generated by PCR?

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