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Lab Grammy 2013: And the Winner for "Science Parody of the Year" Is...

Andrew S. Wiecek

Which science parody video emerged victorious in this year’s contest? Find out...

Nathaniel Krefman from the University of California, Berkeley won the “Science Parody of the Year” award, dominating the 3rd Annual BioTechniques Lab Grammy competition.

Nathaniel Krefman from the University of California, Berkeley won the “Science Parody of the Year” award. Source: YouTube

Krefman cleaned up with his parody, “Some Budding Yeast I Used to Grow,” which you can watch here. The song parodies Belgian-Australian musician Goyte’s indie rock single, “Somebody that I Used to Know,” which just happened to win Record of the Year at the 55th Annual Grammy Award ceremony last Sunday night.

“It’s an honor for people to like my video, considering all the other videos picked were pretty awesome,” said Krefman. “The quality of the random lab parodies that people put out has been improving over the years; you can see that if you look back at our program, MCBFollies, on YouTube. Every year, they get better. And so it’s cool to be included in that group of people who are so clever.”

Overall, Krefman says he spends about 16 hours creating a video, which includes writing lyrics, recording the audio, and then filming and editing the video. Although his PIs are very supportive, he sometimes worries that they might become concerned that he spends a little too much time making these videos, but to Krefman, these are important to balance the stress of graduate school.

“Basically, it’s a coping mechanism,” said Krefman. “Work in the lab is pretty tiring, and everybody kind of has the impression that they are running on a treadmill all the time. Publication standards are always rising, and you can never completely satisfy all the people you are supposed to satisfy. So people look for outlets.”

In total, over 1300 votes were cast to determine the winner of this year’s contest. In the end, of course, it’s all about showcasing some of the hidden talents of stressed-out graduate students. Carry on our wayward researchers. Carry on.

And once again, here are our nominees...


For the Longest Time
Charlotte Chung.
School: Case Western School of Medicine.
Listen now!

iGEM Style (Gangnam Style Parody)
iGEM Calgary
School: University of Calgary
Listen now!

(The Lab Is) Where It’s At
Mark Grabiner et al.
School: University of California, Berkeley
Listen now!

The Lab Song
The Cohenford Lab
School: Marshall University
Listen now!

Ph.D. Wild Ones
UCB/UCSF Bioengineering Graduate Students
Department: Graduate Program in Bioengineering
School: University of California, Berkeley and University of California, San Francisco
Listen now!

Some Budding Yeast I Used to Grow
Nathaniel Krefman et al.
Department: Molecular and Cellular Biology
School: University of California, Berkeley
Listen now!