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Ten Apps for Busy Researchers: An Assortment


We present a grab-bag of apps that should facilitate life science research. Learn more...

  1. PSICQUIC Client: Android

    Use this app to interface with PSICQUIC services (Proteomics Standards Initiative Common QUery InterfaCe) and access proteomics interaction data.

  2. Mass Spectrometry Peaks: Android

    A handy metabolomics app for the identification of metabolites and the calculation of chemical formulae from the exact mass measured by mass spectrometry.

  3. SimAlign: iPhone/iPad / Android

    On-the-go BLAST searches and access to various DNA, RNA, and protein databases are made possible with the SimAlign app, which interfaces with the NCBI BLAST server.

  4. ImmGen: iPhone/iPad / Android

    Using data from the Immunological Genome Project, this app lets you examine gene expression patterns and levels in different mouse immune cells.

  5. UniProt Search: Android

    Unlock the vast troves of protein sequence and functional information freely available in the UniProt database with this app.

  6. Digital PCR in 3D: iPhone/iPad / Android

    Learning digital PCR is easy with this app from Life Technologies, which provides an augmented reality learning module, video content, and an interactive workflow for the QuantStudio 3D Digital PCR system.

  7. CueMol: iPhone/iPad

    An app for the mobile interactive viewing of macromolecular structures using files generated by the desktop version of CueMol as well as files in the Protein Data Bank format.

  8. GENE-wiki: iPhone/iPad

    This app provides offline dictionary information—including approved symbol, name, entrez gene ID, and uniprot ID—for all of the human and mouse genes listed in the HGNC database.

  9. Abstrac: Scientific research tracking for scientists and doctors: iPad

    Conquer the flood of scientific papers with this app that tracks articles of interest mentioned in your personal Twitter feed.

  10. Mol Biol & Biochem Protocols: Android

    A compendium of over 70 commonly used protocols in molecular biology, biochemistry, and cell biology.

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