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Ten Apps for Busy Researchers: DNA Sequencing/Cloning


This installment of our App list column contains tools that will be useful to those learning about sequence analysis and cloning, as well as those already using these techniques in their research.

  1. DPSAT: DNA-Protein Sequence Analysis Tool / Android

    DPSAT: DNA-Protein Sequence Analysis Tool. The name says it all.

  2. Codon Table: Android

    Simple tool for codon and amino acid lookup. Also can convert a DNA sequence to the corresponding protein sequence, and vice versa.

  3. Oh BLAST It!: Android

    Search your sequence of interest from your smartphone or tablet using BLAST sequence searching algorithms. Winner of best app name on this list.

  4. DNA Repository: Android

    This app lets you store DNA sequences and related information on your mobile device.

  5. Cloning Kitten: Android

    From the maker of #4 on this list, this app will help you with your cloning experiments.

  6. Central Dogma: Android

    Another simple tool for sequence conversion that provides a gentle introduction to sequence analysis of DNA from different organisms and organelles.

  7. NEB Tools: Android

    This tool from New England Biolabs helps you identify the right restriction enzyme for your DNA digest.

  8. iCut DNA: iPhone/iPad

    Use this app to search the Restriction Enzyme Database (REBASE).

  9. MySequence: iPhone/iPad

    Analyze DNA sequences on your mobile device using this app.

  10. Genome: iPhone/iPad

    Educational sequencing app for students and researchers.

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