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Ten Apps for Busy Researchers: Microscopy/Imaging


This installment of our App list column contains tools that will be useful to those interested in imaging techniques for cellular and molecular structures.

  1. smart Histology Lite: iPhone/iPad / Android

    An introduction to histology slides, with more images available in the paid version of the app.

  2. IJ_Mobile: Android

    Based on the NIH ImageJ software for image analysis.

  3. Light Lab: iPhone/iPad

    This app from Carl Zeiss Microscopy provides information on candidate fluorophores and allows you to save equipment setting.

  4. Cell Imaging: iPhone/iPad / Android

    Life Technologies' imaging app provides information on imaging probes and protocols, as well as images for you to browse. Also available in an HD version.

  5. Urinemicro: iPhone/iPad / Android

    Helps identify microscopic particulates in urine.

  6. Diffraction Calculator : Android

    Provides an easy way to determine diffraction angle and spacing for election microscopy and x-ray diffraction using your Android device.

  7. iMolviewLite: iPhone/iPad / Android

    Mobile browser for Protein Data Bank structures. Paid full version of the app available for iPhone/iPad.

  8. 3D Cell Simulation and Stain Tool: iPhone / iPad

    Explore the cell and its organelles with this app from Life Technologies. You can even virtually stain different parts of the cell.

  9. Fluorescence Spectraviewer: iPhone/iPad

    Another Life Technologies app that allows you to compare the spectral properties of multiple fluorophores.

  10. Leica DMshare: iPad

    View images from a Leica Microsystems ICC50 HD-camera directly on your iPad.

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