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Ten Apps for Busy Researchers: Sequence Analysis/Bioinformatics


Here we present a line-up of apps for researchers who want to do their sequencing and bioinformatics analyses on the go. Learn more...

  1. DNAApp: iPhone/iPad / Android

    Now you can view and analyze DNA sequencing electropherograms (in the .ab1 file format) on your mobile device using this handy little app.

  2. BioGene: iPhone/iPad

    BioGene is a simple and straightforward tool to obtain information about a gene’s functions by searching on its symbol or name.

  3. mentha - the interactome browser: Android

    A portable version of the mentha interactome browser that shows protein-protein interactions (both direct and enzymatic) for a protein of interest using data aggregated from a variety of curated databases.

  4. GeneIndex: iPhone/iPad

    GeneIndex provides a quick and easy way to obtain information about genes from various gene indexes. It also has a PubMed viewer and an RSS reader for journal feeds.

  5. Genome Voyager: iPad

    This app offers easy access to a collection of whole human genome sequences, allowing researchers to visualize whole genome sequencing data and learn how to analyze them for sequence variants, copy number variations, and loss of heterozygosity events.

  6. YeastGenome: iPhone/iPad

    Search for information about Saccharomyces cerevisae genes and chromosomal features with the YeastGenome app, which uses the latest data from the Saccharomyces Genome Database (SGD).

  7. SNPdbe: iPhone/iPad

    Access the SNP database of effects (SNPdbe) with this app to obtain experimentally and computationally derived annotations on the structural and functional impacts of single amino acid substitutions.

  8. SimGene: iPhone/iPad / Android

    By interfacing with various databases such as Simbiot, Ensembl, NCBI, Gene Ontology, PubMed, etc., this app provides the most current annotations for genes from over 30 species, and it also includes a genome browser that displays information on genes, transcripts, exons, and SNPs.

  9. TimeTree: iPhone/iPad

    Learn about the evolutionary timescale of life on Earth by exploring the divergence times of different organisms using molecular clock estimates derived from the scientific literature.

  10. GeneGroove: iPhone/iPad

    If you’ve had your fill of detailed bioinformatics analyses of genomic sequences using the above apps, you may want to shift gears and indulge your inner musician by getting your groove on with the GeneGroove app, which creates a musical melody using 23andMe genome sequence data, either your own or the sample genome provided with the app.

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