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Ten Apps for Busy Researchers: Statistics


Statistics often present a challenge for life scientists when reporting their data or interpreting data in an article. This installment of our App list column dives into the world of statistics apps to find ten offerings to help researchers get more from their stats.

  1. Wolfram Statistics Course Assistant: iPhone/iPad / Android By Wolfram Alpha LLC

  2. Regression Calculator for iPad: iPad
    By Bogeyman Productions

  3. BStatistics Lite: iPhone/iPad
    By Matware

  4. p-Value: iPhone/iPad / Android
    By Business Compass LLC

  5. Power Analysis: iPhone/iPad
    By A&X Analytics, LLC

  6. Statistics !!!: iPhone/iPad
    By Math Pentagon

  7. Statistics Visualizer: iPad
    By Miaoshuang Dong

  8. Biostatistics 2: iPad
    By Stephen S. Ashley

  9. Statistics Pro: iPhone/iPad
    By Larry Feldman

  10. Epidemiology and Biostatistics: iPhone/iPad / Android By simpaddico llc

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