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Ten Interesting and Useful Methods Apps for Biomedical Researchers


We continue our series exploring digital science tools by presenting additional methods-related apps that should be of great utility to a broad spectrum of researchers in the life sciences.

  1. Ball & Stick: iPhone/iPad

    This molecular visualization app with high quality graphics is ideal for those interested in molecular modeling and structural biology.

  2. GeneWall Genome Browser: iPhone/iPad

    Browse the entire human genome sequence—along with functional annotations from public databases—by zooming from the chromosomal level down to single nucleotide resolution using this app.

  3. Science360 for iPad: iPad

    This app from the National Science Foundation (NSF) provides access to arresting and beautiful science and engineering images and videos from around the world as well as a news feed of the latest news from NSF-funded institutions.

  4. iQIT: iPhone/iPad

    For mass spectrometry users, this app can calculate operating conditions for for 2D and 3D quadrupole ion traps and quadrupole mass filter using various parameters.

  5. Flow2Go: iPad

    Carry out on-the-go analysis of flow cytometry data with this app.

  6. Light Lab: iPhone/iPad

    Check the spectral compatibility of >500 fluorophores using this fully interactive app for spectra configuration in fluorescence microscopy.

  7. Unbound MEDLINE: iPhone/iPad / Android

    This handy app allows you to access and search all the journal citations and abstracts from PubMed with direct links to publisher’s full text articles.

  8. ChemistryLabSuite: iPhone/iPad / Android

    This suite of tools for dealing with solutions, chemicals, protein analysis, and peptide synthesis should prove useful for researchers in peptide chemistry and mass spectrometry-based proteomics and metabolomics, as well as for general biochemical lab work.

  9. spliceIt: iPhone/iPad / Android

    Besides the latest results regarding regulation of alternative splicing, this app provides a 3D representation of a spliceosome using augmented reality.

  10. RCSB PDB Mobile: iPhone/iPad

    This official app of the RSCB Protein Data Bank (PDB) allows researchers to search the entire Protein Data Bank and visualize protein structures.

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