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Top 3 Videos | 2012 Year in Review

Andrew S. Wiecek

From a down-on-his-luck Muppet to dancing chemists in speedos, here’s a look at the three most popular videos on our website last year.

Each year, we post several videos in our news section that feature fruit fly development in 3D or synchronized blinking bacteria. While these research related videos are always well-received by our readers, the videos that really resonate are usually a little more light-hearted. So to close out 2012, we present you with a science dance party, courtesy of the top three most-viewed videos on our website over the past year.       

1. Grad School I Love You (But You’re Bringing Me Down)

As anyone who has pursued a graduate degree in the life sciences can tell you, it sure isn’t a bed of roses. Overall, it’s important to find some absurd humor in the apparent futility and frustration of graduate school training. Luckily, Mark Grainer from the University of California, Berkeley captured that love-hate relationship with graduate school that only biology students can truly appreciate in his song “Grad School I Love You (But Your Bringing Me Down).”

2. I’m a Chemist and I Know It

It seems that scientists not only work hard but also know how to party hard as well, as these Stanford chemists demonstrate in their parody of LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know It.”  

3. “Blue and Yellow (FRET)”

And our third most popular video came from Nathaniel Krefman and crew from the University of California, Berkeley, doing their FRET parody of Wiz Khalida’s “Black and Yellow.”

OK, now that we got that out ours systems, it’s time to get back to work.

There’s science to be done!

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