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Top Ten News Articles: September-October


We present the Top Ten news articles published in BioTechniques, as calculated by number of downloads over the past 30 days. Learn more...

1. "Ten Apps for Busy Researchers"

This was the first column in our ongoing series featuring smartphone/tablet Apps to improve your research at the bench. This list focuses on calculating reagent amounts for solutions, identifying bacteria, deciphering life science acronymns, and searching for new protocols.

2. “The Myth of the Single Genome”

Associate Editor Kristie Nybo explored the way in which new technologies are revealing some interesting insights into human genetic variation—including the realization that cells with entirely different genomes can exist next to one another in the same organism.

3. "Ten Apps for Busy Researchers: PCR”

From the MIQE guidelines to PCR essentials and an easy to use mastermix calculator, this installment of our App column explores Apps aimed at making PCR even easier.

4. “Goodbye PCR”

Could there come a day when PCR won’t be needed in the lab? Janelle Weaver examines how researchers and technology developers are moving toward PCR-free genome sequencing.

5. “Ten Methods-oriented Websites Every Life Scientist Should Try”

Diving into websites around the internet, our team uncovered ten sites that could help you at the bench and improve your knowledge of science in general. Check out links to the ENCODE collection, bioinformatics tools, ncRNA databases, and so much more.

6. “Top Ten BioTechniques Sequencing Articles”

Another article from our Top Ten collection provided researchers commentary and links to some of the most popular sequencing articles in the past two months.

7. “Imaging Antibiotic Mechanisms of Action”

Given the growing medical concerns regarding antibiotic resistance in bacteria, new methods are needed to help researchers identify antibacterial compounds and their mechanisms of action. News writer Kelly Rae Chi spoke to Joseph Pogliano from the University of California, San Diego who, along with collaborators, came up with a one-step imaging technique to analyze cell shape and rapidly determine the mode of action of bacterial killing compounds.

8. “Why Do Financial Bubbles Happen?”

Lauren Ware examined the neurological basis of decision-making during "financial bubbles" and why such bubbles might happen in the first place.

9. “DNA Extraction: Overcoming Obstacles in Microbial Studies”

Just what is the “best” method to extract microbial DNA from a sample? Does it depend on where that sample came from? Are there general procedures that can be followed? Find out in this informative feature from Janelle Weaver.

10. “The Cheater Phenotype”

Cooperativity amongst cells is an essential step in the evolution of multicellular organisms. But why not cheat the system? Caitlin Smith explores why cells don’t go rogue in this interesting news story.

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