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Top Ten BioTechniques Protein Articles


We present the Top Ten protein-related articles published in BioTechniques, as calculated by number of downloads over the past 30 days. Learn more...

1. “Commericial Cdk1 antibodies recognize the centrosomal protein Cep152” by Lukinavicius et al.

An interesting letter to the editor that reports two widely used commercial antibodies for Cdk1 cross react with Cep152, providing an explanation for previous conflicting reports on Cdk1 localization patterns and adding yet another note for researchers that care must be exercised when working with antibodies.

2. “Purifying natively folded proteins from inclusion bodies using sarkosyl Triton X-100 and CHAPS” by Tao et al.

Describes a fast and simple method enables the recovery of GST and MBP fusion proteins from inclusion bodies.

3. “Method for real-time monitoring of protein degradation at the single cell level” by Zhang et al.

Approaches to understand protein dynamics in single cells have grown in recent years. This article from 2007 demonstrates an approach to monitoring protein degradation at the single cell level using PAFP photoconvertible proteins and time-lapse imaging.

4. “In vivo dual cross-linking for identification of indirect DNA associated proteins by chromatin immunprecipation” by Zeng et al.

The ability to cross-link proteins to DNA is an important tools to understanding and characterizing DNA-protein interactions. This 2006 article examined cross-linking reagents that could be effectively used to cross-link proteins that in close proximity to DNA, such as transcriptional coactivators or corepressors.

5. “Isolation and solubilization of protein after Trizol extraction of RNA and DNA from patient material following prolonged storage” by Hummon et al.

Trizol is a standard reagent for the isolation of DNA and RNA. In this article, Hummon et al. demonstrate that protein can be isolated following Trizol extraction from samples that have been stored for long periods of time.

6. “Detection of protein-protein interactions using nonimmune IgG and BirA mediated biotinylation” by Huang and Jacobson

Detecting proteins interactions in cells is critical to understanding signaling networks and protein function. Often times, protein interaction assays require specific antibodies for the precipitation and detection of the proteins. Huang and Jacobson get around this need for specific antibodies by cleverly employing nonimmune IgG conjugated to sepharose to precipitate an IgG binding domain fused to a bait protein while an interacting partner is fused to Avitag and biotinylated with BirA for detection. This approach eliminates the need for specific antibodies in your protein-protein interaction assay.

7. “An improved intracellular staining protocol for efficient detection of nuclear proteins in YFP expression cells” by Grupillo et al.

Here, the authors developed an improved staining protocol for YFP that allowed for the simultaneous detection of nuclear proteins and YFP in T-regulatory cells.

8. “Destabilized green fluorescent protein detects rapid removal of transcript blocks after genotoxic exposure” by Kitsera et al.

By modifying GFP, the authors demonstrate that it is possible to achieve very fast GFP turnover in transfected cells. The fast rate of turnover enables studies on rapid changes in gene expression.

9. “One step split GFP staining for sensitive protein detection and localization in mammalian cells” by Kaddoum et al.

Kaddoum et al. describe a simple one-step split GFP system for the detection and localization of proteins in cells. The system reduced background and non-specific staining (high signal to noise ratio) and could detect proteins in various subcellular locales.

10. “Phase separation in the isolation and purification of membrane proteins” by Arnold and Linke

In this review article, Arnold and Linke detail some of the methods that can be used for the isolation and purification of membrane associated proteins.

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