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Valentine’s Day Presents for Scientists


If you’re searching for the perfect Valentine’s Day present for that special scientist or science-lover in your life, look no further than our list of the coolest, most romantic (and only somewhat nerdy) science-themed gifts. Learn more...

  1. Valentine Aerogel

    Forget giving your loved one the typical heart made of chocolate or candy. Be original: Think high-tech engineered materials instead and present them with a pink, heart-shaped piece of aerogel, an ultralow density nanoporous solid foam with many impressive properties.

  2. Science Valentine’s - Mini Cards

    Your typical Valentine’s Day card doesn’t have the seductive scientific charms of these mini-cards featuring an array of famous scientists declaring love in the most unique ways.

  3. WolframAlpha Graphed Hearts

    MATLAB Heart Model for Valentine's Day

    Get graphic with your Valentine by plugging the appropriate equations into either of these mathematics programs and plotting your love as a 2-D or 3-D heart-shaped graph.

  4. Key to my anatomical heart necklace

    Show someone you love them in a scientifically accurate way with this necklace featuring an anatomically correct heart encased in a sphere pendant.

  5. Happy Cosmic Valentine’s Day!

    While it’s commonplace to invoke the heavens and the stars when declaring one’s love, showing these beautiful astronomical images of heavenly bodies will convince that special earthly body of your true feelings.

  6. Mystifying Math T-shirt

    Wear this T-shirt to demonstrate to the object of your affections how much they confound your ability to mathematically analyze love.

  7. Vanishing Valentine Chemistry Demonstration

    Nothing says geek love more than this chemistry experiment where a solution is made to cycle between clear and pink-colored.

  8. How to Make a Valentine's Day Gift of Science: The Double Heart-Shaped Homopolar Motor

    How appropriate it is to use electricity and magnetism, those two physical forces often used for describing love, to make two hearts spin as one.

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