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QIAGEN acquires SABiosciences

Tracy Vence

QIAGEN has announced the acquisition of SABiosciences.

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QIAGEN, a global provider of sample and assay technologies headquartered in Hilden, Germany, announced this week that it has acquired SABiosciences Corporation in Frederick, MD. The roughly $90 million deal will likely increase QIAGEN’s position in PCR assay panel design and global commercialization and distribution.

Assay panels produced by both companies―used in the analysis of DNA, RNA, epigenetic markers, and microRNA targets―can be operated on QIAGEN instruments. QIAGEN expects that the acquisition of SABiosciences will increase and strengthen business partnerships within the pharmaceutical industry.

“We are pleased to now have completed the transaction,” QIAGEN Chief Executive Officer Peer M. Schatz said in a press release. Schatz expects the integration process among the two companies to be a smooth one “given the high level of complementarities.”

Customers in the US may continue to order PCR assay panels from SABiosciences at their web site until further announcement from QIAGEN.