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And a microbe in a pear tree | 2010 BioTechniques Holiday Gift Guide

Suzanne E. Winter

By the end of the holiday, you might prefer this motley crew over your closer relatives on the phylogenetic tree.

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Just because you’ve swapped the lab coat for a festive sweater doesn’t mean your labmates need to stay in cold storage. Bring them home to meet your family.

Add some microscopic merriment to your tree with the Merry Christmas set from GIANTmicrobes. Dangle the Santa-hatted common cold next to the antlered Escherichia coli; let the brain cell munch on a candy cane while hanging near the warmly wrapped limited-edition red amoeba; just be sure to keep the kissing disease away from the mistletoe.

A truly cultured Christmas tree. Source: GIANTmicrobes.

Merry Christmas Microbes Tree Ornaments
$24.95 from GIANTmicrobes


The 2010 BioTechniques Holiday Gift Guide is designed to help you find just the right gift for your favorite postdoc, technician, or PI. See the complete list here.

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