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"Born to pipette" onesie | 2010 BioTechniques Holiday Gift Guide

Julie Manoharan

It’s never too early to learn those important lab skills.

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Hoping your infant will follow in your footsteps? Give your tot this “Born to Pipette” onesie from CafePress. This 100% cotton jumper will not only make your baby feel good, but look good too.

It’s the perfect gift for the biologist who recently completed a successful experiment in reproduction. CafePress also offers other baby bodysuits designs, featuring science slogans like “Future Biped’ and ‘There is an exothermic reaction in my diaper.’

Another option for baby science apparel is the KatyandZucchini shop on Etsy, which was founded by a science teacher on maternity leave. The shop sells a range of science-inspired toddler tees that feature designs like simple microscope sketches and an “A is for amoeba” slogan.

The Born to Pipette onesie is perfect for the baby in every scientist's family.

“Born to Pipette” and other science-related onesies
$16.50 and up from CafePress

“Microscope” and other science-inspired screenprinted toddler tees
$14 from KatyandZucchini on Etsy


The 2010 BioTechniques Holiday Gift Guide is designed to help you find just the right gift for your favorite postdoc, technician, or PI. See the complete list here.

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