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Making Emily Post proud [VIDEO] | 2010 BioTechniques Holiday Gift Guide

Suzanne E. Winter

The kind of culture kids will actually get excited about.

Bookmark and Share With the holidays come parties and presents and plenty of reminders from parents: Tuck in your shirt! Brush your hair! Remember “please” and “thank you!” Be polite! Yet while Miss Manners would approve, most kids could care less about being refined and cultured—until now.

Instruct your children in the finer points of culture with the Bacteria Growth Science Kit. Complete with agar, petri dishes, two sizes of sterile pipettes, transfer pipets, and test tubes, all your budding researcher needs to find are the bugs! We even think they’ll become eager to help you clean the house, but only after they’ve found the grossest corners of your home and shown the evidence to the neighbors.

Makes you think twice about eating at your desk. Source:

Bacteria Growth Science Kit
$24.99 from ThinkGeek.


The 2010 BioTechniques Holiday Gift Guide is designed to help you find just the right gift for your favorite postdoc, technician, or PI. See the complete list here.

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