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Atom of my eye | 2010 BioTechniques Holiday Gift Guide

Suzanne E. Winter

Finally, a way to show off how indivisible your romantic bond is.

Bookmark and Share Hearts? Please. Hearts are mere tissue and vessels and can easily break down, but atoms—now there’s a symbol of inseparable parts. Show your loved one how much you truly care this season with the ultimate symbol of a strong bond. The sterling silver atom necklace comes in two sizes with inset citrine, garnet, amethyst and topaz gemstones.

Atom necklace and other science jewelry
$45.00 - $80.00 from Science Jewelry

Hearts are so 2009. Source: ScienceJewelry.


The 2010 BioTechniques Holiday Gift Guide is designed to help you find just the right gift for your favorite postdoc, technician, or PI. See the complete list here.

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