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Ten Apps for Busy Researchers


Apps aren't just for fun and games anymore. Here we list just a few of the many Android apps aimed at making biomedical research easier. Learn more...

  1. Solution Calculator Lite

    A useful tool for determining
    the amount of reagent or the
    dilution volume necessary to
    achieve the desired concen-
    tration of solute.

  2. Biochemistry Normal Values

    Have you ever needed to know
    what is the "normal" range for a
    clinical test? This app tells you.

  3. Chemistry Lab Suite

    Provides useful information on
    peptide/protein chemistry with
    a focus on mass spectrometry

  4. Bacteria Identification

    What are those weird looking
    cells under my microscope?
    Use this app to identify hundreds
    of different bacterial species.

  5. iCell

    Browse through 3D images of
    different cell types.

  6. Cito! Lab Values

    Describes and provides the
    expected values for blood and
    metabolic analyses.

  7. Acronyms in Life Sciences

    Use this app to decipher the
    alphabet soup of confusing
    acronyms and abbreviations.

  8. Protocolpedia

    Provides access to hundreds of
    protocols, live discussion forums,
    and videos on different methods.

  9. Prokaryotes

    This app provides useful inform-
    ation for identification, culture,
    and analysis of bacteria.

  10. DPSAT

    DNA-Protein Sequence Analysis Tool.
    The name says it all.

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