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Ten Methods-oriented Apps and Websites Every Life Scientist Should Try


Our exploration of the world of digital science tools continues this week with a collection of methods-oriented sites and apps that should prove useful to all biomedical researchers. From worms to molecular cloning and qPCR to cataloguing plasmid sequences on your iPhone, these tools show how digital tech in the lab can be both fun and useful. Learn more...

  1. Cloning Bench

    A versatile iPhone/iPad app containing essential tools for designing and carrying out molecular cloning experiments.

  2. Handbook of Biological Statistics

    An online textbook for biologists providing instruction on choosing appropriate stastistical tests for particular experiments and then properly using those tests and interpreting their results.

  3. OpenWorm Browser

    Explore a 3D model of a C. elegans worm in detail using this iPhone/iPad app by zooming, rotating, and peeling back layers.

  4. ArrayMining - Online Microarray Data Mining

    ArrayMining is a server for automated statistical analysis of microarray data of gene or protein expression that utilizes ensemble and consensus techniques (e.g. ensemble feature selection, ensemble prediction, consensus clustering) and performs automatic parameter selection.

  5. MIQE qPCR

    Use this iPhone/iPad app to check the compliance of your qPCR experiments with the Minimum Information for Publication of Quantitative Real-Time PCR Experiments (MIQE) guidelines.

  6. DNA/RNA/Protein and General Molecular Weight Calculator

    A convenient calculator for determining the molecular weight of nucleic acid and protein sequences or any standard chemical formula.


    This portal site contains bioinformatics tools and specialized sequence databases for analyzing functional non-coding RNAs.


    Use this iPhone/iPad app to organize and analyze all of your plasmid sequences, which can be imported as FASTA files, created from scratch, or downloaded from the NCBI.

  9. Bioinformatics Organization

    This website provides numerous resources for both novices and experts in bioinformatics, including online databases and analysis tools, as well as educational material and forums.

  10. Nature ENCODE

    All the recent results of the ENCODE project as presented in the 30 papers recently published simultaneously in various journals are gathered together in this iPad app.

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