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Ten Apps for Chromatography


Our exploration of the world of digital science tools continues this week with a collection of Android apps (most of which are also available for iPhone/iPad) that should prove useful anyone interested in chromatography. Learn more...

  1. Sartobind: Android

    From Sartorius AG, in addition to providing information on the company’s products, this app also has links to relevant literature as well as tools for calculating parameters such as flow rate and isoelectric point.

  2. Protein Purification: Android / iTunes

    This is the app version of a popular software application that simulates different protein purification techniques and allows one to model how different protein mixtures behave during the purification process.

  3. GE Purify: Android / iTunes

    This app helps researchers select the right GE Healthcare Life Sciences products, including chromatography media and pre-packed columns, for protein purification and analysis.

  4. Clarity2Go: Android / iTunes

    For use with Clarity Chromatography Station software (v. 4.0 or later). Clarity 2Go allows you to monitor GC or HPLC analyses remotely.

  5. Periodic Table of Ion Analysis: Android / iTunes

    From Thermo Fisher Scientific, this app provides a wealth of information for those interested in separating free ions and small ionic compounds instead of proteins.

  6. HPLC Troubleshooting Guide: Android / iTunes

    Also From Thermo Fisher Scientific, this app will help you with problems that come up during HPLC runs.

  7. Kid Science: Chemistry Experiments: Android / iTunes

    For the budding scientist in your life, this app covers basic topic in chemistry, including solutions, electrolysis, and chromatography.

  8. HPLC Method Transfer Calculator: Android / iTunes

    Helps determine the correct conditions for transferring a separation method from one column to another.

  9. GradOpt: Android

    Optimize your gradients with this app.

  10. TLC Timer: Android / iTunes

    Helps monitor the progress of TLC based on solvent and plate type. Also provides useful tips for TLC analysis.

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