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2010 Protocol Guide
BioTechniques' Protocol Guide 2010 is a collection of detailed, optimized procedures/protocols for use in the lab. With BioTechniques' Protocol Guide, you have access to detailed product information in a downloadable PDF format-which can be easily added to a notebook for ready access. Each protocol is accompanied by a link to the company web site and an e-mail link to contact the company directly.
Stealth RNAi™ siRNA brain infusion
Invitrogen Corporation, part of Life Technologies doi10.2144/000113289
Small RNA
Transfecting Silencer® Select siRNA into rat primary astrocytes
Applied Biosystems, part of Life Technologies doi10.2144/000113285
Submit Your Protocols
BioTechniques is always looking for author-submitted protocols related to peer-reviewed papers, so submit your protocols today to our editorial team. Suppliers or advertisers interested in publishing their protocols should also submit.
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