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2010 Protocol Guide
BioTechniques' Protocol Guide 2010 is a collection of detailed, optimized procedures/protocols for use in the lab. With BioTechniques' Protocol Guide, you have access to detailed product information in a downloadable PDF format-which can be easily added to a notebook for ready access. Each protocol is accompanied by a link to the company web site and an e-mail link to contact the company directly.
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Gene Transfer
Lentiviral Production Using X-tremeGENE HP Transfection Reagent
Roche Applied Science (Subsidiary of Roche)
Efficient transfection of mammalian primary and stem cells using the Neon™ Transfection System
Invitrogen Corporation, part of Life Technologies doi10.2144/000113288
Labeling and Detection
Multicolor Enzymatic Immunohistochemistry Assays for FFPE Tissue
Shenna L. Washington, Pamela Y. Johnson, Mary D. Beauchamp, Priya Handa, and Augustine Mzumara
Abcam plc
MicroRNA Labeling
Multi-Label Techniques for Colocalization Studies
User protocol for multi-color immunohistochemistry staining in intact tissue
Chris van der Loos, Ph.D.
Cambridge Research & Instrumentation, Inc. (CRi)
HRM (High Resolution Melt)
Peer-Reviewed Protocols
Practical DGS protocol
Yong-Chul Jung1, Jia Xu2, Jun Chen1, Yeong C. Kim1, David J. Winchester3, and San Ming Wang1
Cryopresevation of mouse embryos with a vitrification spatula
Wai Hung Tsang and King L. Chow
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