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2010 Protocol Guide
BioTechniques' Protocol Guide 2010 is a collection of detailed, optimized procedures/protocols for use in the lab. With BioTechniques' Protocol Guide, you have access to detailed product information in a downloadable PDF format-which can be easily added to a notebook for ready access. Each protocol is accompanied by a link to the company web site and an e-mail link to contact the company directly.
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Peer-Reviewed Protocols
Transcervical transfer of mouse embryos using the non-surgical embryo transfer (NSET™) device
Michael A. Green1, Shannon Bass2, and Brett T. Spear1,3
Silanization of coverslips for DNA combing
Hélène Labit1, Arach Goldar2, Guillaume Guilbaud1, Carine Douarche3,4,2, Olivier Hyrien1, and Kathrin Marheineke1
Protein Extraction Isolation and Purification
HaloTag® Protein Purification System
Promega Corporation doi10.2144/000113301
Stealth RNAi™ siRNA brain infusion
Invitrogen Corporation, part of Life Technologies doi10.2144/000113289
Small RNA
Transfecting Silencer® Select siRNA into rat primary astrocytes
Applied Biosystems, part of Life Technologies doi10.2144/000113285
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