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Labeling and Detection of Chemiluminescence Systems
Vendor-submitted protocol. Sponsored by Bio-Rad Laboratories Published in BioTechniques Protocol Guide 2008
Imaging chemiluminescent blots with charged-coupled device (CCD) cameras is rapid, and the easiest, most accurate method. Traditionally, the chemiluminescent signal from blots has been detected by X-ray film.
Labelling and Detection
Vendor-submitted protocol. Published in December 2006 2007
The DLR™ assay from Promega is a commonly used assay to measure gene transcription and control and is one of the most commonly used luminescence-based assays in microplates. This protocol describes the use of BioTek's Synergy™ 2 with injectors for the DLR assay.Follow the steps below to create a DLR protocol in BioTek's Gen5™ software (Figure 1).In Gen5, select File/New Protocol.Open the in the Protocol tree on the left of the screen.Click on the Well button to create a well mode block: the reader will process the sequence on each well before moving to the next well.Click on Dispense to program the first dispense step (LAR II re-agent).
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