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HaloCHIP™: Antibody-Free ChIP
Promega Corporation
Sponsored,vendor-submitted protocol   Sponsored by Promega Corporation    Published in May 2009

Figure 1. Schematic diagram of HaloCHIP™ System

The HaloChIP™ System is a novel method designed for the covalent capture of intracellular protein:DNA complexes without the use of antibodies that offers an efficient and robust alternative to the standard chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) method. Proteins of interest are expressed in cells as HaloTag® fusion proteins, crosslinked to DNA with formaldehyde, and then captured on HaloLink™ Resin, which forms a highly specific, covalent interaction with the HaloTag portion of the fusion protein. Due to the complete covalent linkage established between the resin and the crosslinked protein:DNA complexes, the resin can be stringently washed to remove nonspecific DNA and proteins much more effectively than is possible when using the ChIP method. The crosslinks are then reversed to release the purified DNA fragments from the HaloLink™ Resin.

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