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Labeling and Detection
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End labeling is a favored method for applications where an internal label might interfere with hybridization or sequence specific protein binding. The 5' EndTag™ Nucleic Acid Labeling System facilitates the covalent attachment of a variety of fluorescent dyes, haptens, or affinity tags to the 5' end of unmodified oligonucleotides or 5'-OH modified DNA or RNA.
Vendor-submitted protocol. Sponsored by PerkinElmer Published in November 2009
New reagents and instrumentation have recently been introduced by PerkinElmer to meet the demanding needs of reporter gene assays. The EnSpire™ Multilabel Plate Reader is now available with ultra-sensitive, dual reporter luminescence detection capability and an easy to use graphical user interface.
Vendor-submitted protocol. Published in November 2009
EnVision® Multilabel Microplate Reader, one the most favored multilabel readers in biological assay studies, incorporates monochromator technology in two new options. The Absorbance Monochromator option is capable of performing photometric assays while the Fluorescence Intensity Monochromator option with quadruple monochromator design enables both photometric and fluorescence intensity assays.The EnVision® with Monochromators measures chromophores or fluorophores at any set wavelength within the operational wavelength range.
Vendor-submitted protocol. Sponsored by NanoDrop Technologies, Inc. Published in BioTechniques Protocol Guide 2007
Absorbance and fluorescence measurements with minimal consumption of sample have become paramount as methods evolve, generating ever smaller amounts of material for analysis. Conventional measurements are impractical given the limited sample volumes produced by such techniques as laser-capture microdissection.
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