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What Would You Like to Know About Life Today? Observing. Manipulating. Analyzing.
Sponsored,vendor-submitted protocol   Sponsored by Carl Zeiss, Inc.    Published in December 2006 2007 (p.61)

The inverse research platform for Live Cell Imaging.

How do you increase access to the most demanding Life Sciences applications?

The human genome was decoded in 2001, which was a scientific revolution. This prompted a flurry of questions in the scientific community. Since that time, international research teams looking into processes inside and between living cells have been concerned less with the “What” and more with the “How”. How do molecules or proteins, lipids, enzymes, DNA and RNA function? How do they interact? And why?

In their search for answers to these questions, researchers focus their efforts on the most sophisticated microscopic techniques for observation, manipulation and analysis. None more so than those involving fluorescence. The development of such techniques has become a mission for Carl Zeiss, and one that the company has assigned a name: Fluores Science. For many years, this initiative has been providing the leading microscope systems for applied and basic research, and helping researchers to open new pathways of discovery in science.

Now a technical innovation is moving science a step further: Axio Observer, the inverted research microscope from Carl Zeiss. It has been developed for maximum flexibility in the Live Cell techniques of today and tomorrow and realized as a fully integrated research platform for cell observation, cell manipulation and cell analysis. It can be expanded cost effectively from a basic stand for tissue culture and fluorescence, to one for high speed laser scanning microscopy or microdissection. Axio Observer: what better way is there to meet the high demands of Life Sciences projects today?

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