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HRM (High Resolution Melt)
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HRM (High Resolution Melt)
. Vendor-submitted protocol . Published in BioTechniques Protocol Guide 2007
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Vendor-submitted protocol. Sponsored by Bio-Rad Laboratories Published in November 2009
High-resolution melt (HRM) analysis can discriminate nucleotide sequence differences among samples by comparing the differing DNA melting behavior of different sample compositions. HRM offers a cost-effective, yet accurate alternative to probe-based genotyping assays and DNA sequencing (1).
Vendor-submitted protocol. Published in BioTechniques Protocol Guide 2007
DNA melting (dissociation) analysis is widely used for the characterization of DNA amplification products, typically using SYBR® Green I fluorescent dye1,. High Resolution Melt (HRM™) is a recent enhancement to traditional melting analyses that significantly increases the detail and information that can be captured.
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