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Turn Your Inspiration into Publication – High Quality Interaction Data: Fast and Simple
Sponsored,vendor-submitted protocol   Published in BioTechniques Protocol Guide 2008 (p.69)

Label-free interaction analysis is used extensively throughout academic research and in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, playing a vital role throughout life science research, as well as LMW drug discovery, biopharmaceutical development and clinical immunogenicity studies as well as manufacturing and QC.

Comprehensive characterization of molecular interactions must include high quality information on parameters such as binding specificity, affinity (the strength of the interaction) and kinetics (the rates at which the interactants bind and dissociate). Biacore interaction analysis systems from GE Healthcare deliver such data by monitoring binding events in real time, without the use of labels.

Biacore™ X100 is an automated, user-friendly system that brings label-free protein interactions analysis to busy, multi-project laboratories. The system provides integrated application guidance and software support for you to quickly obtain the data you need. Together with the automation provided, this not only frees up valuable lab time but also enables you to rapidly perform all the studies you require to deliver the high quality data and in-depth understanding needed to achieve your goals.

All Biacore systems provide label-free detection using the phenomenon of surface plasmon resonance (SPR) to detect mass concentration changes on a sensor surface. Using SPR, complex association and dissociation are detected in real time and data are presented graphically in an interaction profile known as a sensorgram.

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