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Jeffrey Boden, Jianqin Wei, George McNamara, Hans Layman, Midhat Abdulreda, Fotios Andreopoulos, and Keith A. Webster
The availability of transgenic disease backgrounds and the accessibility of molecular research reagents have contributed to make the mouse ischemic hindlimb the model of choice for many studies of angiogenesis, and to investigate new treatments for peri.
Wiebke Garrels, Nicole Cleve, Heiner Niemann, and Wilfried A. Kues
Here we describe a non-invasive method for rapid and highly reproducible genotyping of transgenic mammals with ubiquitous expression of fluorophore reporters.
Yujing Sun, Girja Shukla, Stephanie C. Pero, Erika Currier, Giselle Sholler, and David Krag
Antibodies are important drugs for treating cancer and there is strong rationale for using multiple antibodies to improve outcomes.