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Submitting Articles and Cover Images

Please submit all manuscripts online via the Editorial Manager

Useful Downloads:

Instructions for Authors (PDF)
License to Publish (PDF)
Statement of Competing Interests (PDF)
Protocol Example (PDF)
Poster Template (PDF)

Submission, Review, Acceptance and Publication Process

All manuscripts submitted to BioTechniques are first evaluated on the basis of scientific quality, originality, appropriateness, contribution to the field, and style.

Suitable manuscripts are then subject to rigorous, fair, and rapid peer review.

Reports describing innovative new methods, substantive modifications of existing methods, and innovative applications of existing methods to new models or scientific questions are appropriate subjects for the both publication tracks.

Descriptions of technical tools which facilitate the design or performance of experiments or data analysis, such as software and simple laboratory devices, are also welcome.

Please contact us for additional information at: [email protected]

Cover Image Submissions

BioTechniques welcomes the submission of images to be considered for use on the cover of BioTechniques. Cover candidates should be images of high scientific quality and aesthetic appeal, accompanied by a caption of up to 50 words. Covers do not have to be associated with a manuscript, although some preference will be given to those that are. Image submissions should be original source, high-resolution files.

Candidate images can be submitted together with a manuscript at or alone to the Cover Coordinator at: [email protected]