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August 2016
Volume 61, Number 2
Here we present a high-throughput, parallelized cytoindentor for local compression of live cells....
Bojing Jia, Tse-Luen (Erika) Wee, Colton G. Boudreau, Daniel J. Berard, Adiel Mallik, David Juncker, Claire M. Brown, and Sabrina R. Leslie
Rapid and accurate heme quantitation in the research lab has become more desirable as the...
Jason R. Marcero, Robert B. Piel, Joseph S. Burch, and Harry A. Dailey
Genetically encoded photosensitizers represent a promising optogenetic tool for the induction...
Alina P. Ryumina, Ekaterina O. Serebrovskaya, Dmitry B. Staroverov, Olga A. Zlobovskaya, Alexander S. Shcheglov, Sergey A. Lukyanov, and Konstantin A. Lukyanov

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The ACEA NovoCyte™ flow cytometer system is a high performance, budget friendly flow cytometer. It offers 15 parameters, impressive sensitivity and resolution, and customizable laser and optical configurations. The NovoExpress software enables intuitive and easy sample acquisition and analysis. The NovoSampler provides walk away automation and versatility for multiple sample formats in a single, simple setup .

Date: 06/08/2016
Run Time:3:04
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