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Year of launch: 1983
ISSN (print): 0736-6205 | ISSN (online): 1940-9818
Frequency: 12 issues per year – Impact Factor: 1.993 (2020)

Established in 1983, BioTechniques was founded on two ground-breaking and inspired principles:

First, and most critically, seeing the need for a journal to properly communicate methods, techniques and new instrumentation to those researchers working in the lab, BioTechniques was the first publication to feature peer-reviewed, primary research articles focused on methods and techniques – focusing not only on cutting edge methods and technologies, but also on those used in the ‘common lab’ on a day-to-day basis. As such, BioTechniques is not only read but used by its audience at the bench.

The second transformational concept BioTechniques applied was an open-access model of publishing – therefore being one of the first open-access scholarly journals in the life sciences. This enabled wide distribution of content, initially as a print publication and now as an online-first proposition. Complementing the journal

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What’s more, we understand that keeping up with science is about more than just publications, which is why we provide intriguing news, informative videos, infographics, eBooks and engaging podcasts for members to enjoy on their coffee break or on the go. Covering the latest in the life sciences, beyond the methods, through to their applications and impacts, our editors and partners aim to ensure that following means staying up to date with the hottest topics in the life sciences.

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The people behind BioTechniques

Meet the team
Michelle Itano headshot
Michelle S. Itano (she/her)
Tristan Free Digital Editor
Tristan Free (he/him)
Senior Editor
Ebony Torrington Managing Editor
Ebony Torrington (she/her)
Managing Editor
Lauren Pulling (she/her)
Annie Coulson
Annie Coulson (she/her)
Content Marketing Editor
Georgia Cousins Client Services Executive
Georgia Cousins (she/her)
Client Services Executive
Lisa Faucher
Lisa Faucher (she/her)
Client Services Executive
Aisha Al-Janabi
Assistant Editor